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Ursula trained as an actress at RADA and after starting work began writing stories and plays, including seventeen plays for children (written under pen names) all of which played in London theatres. When very young and strong, she helped create, and was one of the players in, a show for three actors who set out on a self-funded tour of Europe and parts of Asia (living in tents!) for the benefit of children in the care of UNESCO and the Save The Children Fund. It was then filmed for BBC Children’s TV.

She now works in London and from a small house on the edge of a forest where live Moon the cat, Turpin the dog and his daughter Beatrice, who has more the look of a hairy marrow than a dog but being unable to see herself, Beatrice does not find this disturbing – though others may.

Ursula has also completed her sister Diana Wynne Jones' final book The Islands of Chaldea for Harpercollins


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