Literary agents for authors and illustrators of children's books

Each of our illustrators and authors is represented on this page. Click on a picture to find out more.

The illustrators

Arthur's Dreamboat - illustration
Polly Dunbar »

Bob and Rob - illustration
Sue Pickford »

Christopher Nibble - illustration
Charlotte Middleton »

Original artwork by Laurent Cardon
Laurent Cardon »

Daisy - illustration
Jane Simmons »

Smelly Bill- illustration
Daniel Postgate »

Enormouse - illustration
Angie Morgan »

Ding Dong Gorilla! - illustration
Leonie Lord »

The authors

The Kite Princess - book cover
Juliet Clare Bell »
Anthem For Jackson Dawes - book cover
Celia Bryce »
Warning: Aliens are Invading the School - cover
Dinah Capparucci »
A Lullaby for Little One - cover
Dawn Casey  »
Knight School - book cover
Jane Clarke »
Never Take An Elephant On The Bus - book cover
Patricia Cleveland-Peck »
Snuggle Sandwich  - book cover
Malachy Doyle »
Penguin - book cover
Polly Dunbar »
The Youngstars - book cover
Ursula Jones »
The Adventures of Tooki  - book cover
Kimm & Courtier »
This is NOT a Bedtime Story  - image of book cover to be available soon
Eoin McLaughlin »
Little Celeste - book cover
Dawn McNiff »
Christopher Nibble - book cover
Charlotte Middleton »
Shouty Arthur - book cover
Angie Morgan »
Bob and Rob - book cover
Sue Pickford »
The Incredible Worm - book cover
Dan Postgate »
Fifty Fifty - book cover
S L Powell »
Ferdie and the Falling Leaves - book cover
Julia Rawlinson »
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth  - book cover
Michelle Robinson »
Phoenix - book cover
SF Said »
Beryl Goes Wild - book cover
Jane Simmons »
The Unbelievable Top-Secret Diary of Pig - book cover
Emer Stamp »
Blood Donors - book cover
Steve Tasane »
A Waste Of Good Paper - book cover
Sean Taylor »
Bravo Boris! - book cover
Carrie Weston »

Celia Catchpole · James Catchpole

Literary agents for authors and illustrators of children's books

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